You can download the latest version of Gaphor from the Python Package Index (also known as the Cheeseshop).


Before you go ahead and install Gaphor, make sure the following things are set up:

  1. You should have Python installed, version 2.5 or newer.
  2. PyGTK 2.10.0 or newer should have been installed.
  3. Setuptools (will automatically be downloaded if not yet available).
  4. It's a good idea to have a custom installation location for your own Python packages.


Those of you who do not fear can download the latest version from our GIT repository, hosted at GitHub. Both Gaphas and Gaphor need to be checked out then. Simply install them using:

$ python develop

Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, etc.)

For Linux users, there's a good change PyGTK is already installed. On Ubuntu (and probably most other Linux distros as well) you'll have to install the python2.x-dev package in order to install both the easy_install tool and Gaphor from source.


FreeBSD users can find Gaphor in their ports tree (devel/gaphor).

Mac OS X

Mac OS X users can find a DMG containing the Gaphor application on the Python Package Index. should be installed to start the application.


For Windows users no real installation option exists. The best option is to install py-cairo and PyGtk from source or try one of the installers found on After that, Gaphor should be installed using easy_install.